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The Scar/Al Community YAYZ.


Scar/Al YAYZ!!
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This is a community devoted to the Scar/Al pairing from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist!!

...yeah, that's it. :B


1. Don't post off-topic. :( Make sure it has something to do with Fullmetal Alchemist at least, if not Scar/Al.
2. Please don't flame. We know we're pedos, we don't need you reminding us of it. :(
3. Large images (or anything that would stretch the members' flists to oblivion) and anything rated R or above is to go under an lj-cut. For those who don't know: <lj-cut text="Description of contents here">CONTENTS<lj-cut> And for content rated R or above, please put a warning. :(
4. Can I write a rule that doesn't have a sad face in it? I'll try!! Er... anyway, please enjoy your stay here! :DDD


Community created/moderated by umeko_pyon.