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The Scar/Al Community YAYZ.


5/21/14 01:55 am - nochick_fics - Body of Sacrifice Parts 1 & 2

Hi all!  I just discovered this place and wanted to share an old Scar/Al fic.

Title: Body of Sacrifice
Pairing: ScarxAl
Rating: R
Timeline: ever so AU (Al is always older in my head)
Summary: Al offers his new body to Scar in exchange for Ed's safety... but who is the one really making the sacrifice?
AN: PWP with a teensy hint of plot written for winds_of_water

Part 1: He knew that he was taking his life into his hands by confronting the rogue Ishbalan...

Part 2: In all honesty, Scar had not expected Al to return...

Super happy that there's a dedicated Scar/Al community.  Glad to be here!

11/16/06 05:10 am - saltedpin

Hello! *waves* I am very, very new here :) Needless to say, I love Scar/Al, and am sad there is not more of it around. To that end, I wrote this very silly parody fic, which, um, I hope people will enjoy?

Title: Confidence and Love
Rating: M15
Parings: Scar/Al, Roy/Ed, mentions Sciezka/Winry.
Warnings: Roy is Führer and Scar is in it, so it's somewhat AU.
Catgeory: Horrible, horrible parody. Of everything.
Word count: 1,610

Fic!Collapse )

Abuse Thoughts?

2/1/06 07:06 pm - militarypenguin - One icon and a screen shot

As the subject line suggests I have one Scar/Al icon to share:

As well as a screen shot THAT NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE CAPTURED yet (until now) shame shame shame:

I can't believe no one's screencapped thisCollapse )

11/18/05 08:08 pm - militarypenguin - HAHAHAHA WHAT

Mini colorbar and banner behind the cutCollapse )

11/16/05 12:04 pm - imbrium - zomg

I love this pairing. I love this community.

and so I bring you fluffy screenshot attack, some spoilersCollapse )

Wake up, guys! Look at my icon, you made Scar go >:[ by your not postingness.

10/15/05 02:08 pm - umeko_pyon - ED VS SCAR: THE BATTLE OVER AL!!!

Crack is good. Especially when it's seiyuu crack.

This is a little comic-strip-thing from the Paku/Kugimiya/Okiayu interview in the fourth anime fanbook. I don't know if anyone ever scanned it or translated it or anything... but I did BOTH. ZOMGS.

Click the cut!Collapse )

Crossposted to fm_alchemist.

9/10/05 03:59 pm - umeko_pyon - ScarAl Challenge

Now that the Ed With Gun Fanart Contest is over... I've decided to beg for more fanstuff to amuse myself with issue a drabble/fanfic challenge!

Write something ScarAl related! It can be as innocent or raunchy as you want, crack or serious, long or short. I don't care, as long as it's ScarAl.

And you can use as few or as many of these themes as you'd like (you don't even have to use any, I'm just supplying them as plot-starters):

ThemesCollapse )


Crossposted to personal journal.

6/1/05 09:31 pm - csakuras - More fic

Quick post: new fanfic by kaitou_marina.


Haven't read it yet but supposedly really good.

4/26/05 08:00 pm - militarypenguin

ScarxAl colorbarCollapse )

3/29/05 06:55 pm - militarypenguin - Caption thing

I was....bored?Collapse )
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